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Orvis St. John


After two years in Milan, he was booked for the show season in Paris, where he stayed for the next few years. He continued to work as a model and completed at the same time successful training as a chef at the renowned "Le Cordon Blue Culinary Institute" . Upon graduation, Orvis returned to the States and lived and worked as a chef in Los Angeles, where he had the honor of cooking for celebrities such as Quincy Jones, Naomi Campbell, Jodi Foster, Farah Fawcett, Ryan O'Neal and many others.

But after years in kitchens, Orvis longed for the freedom that photography offered him. He had never completely given up his first passion and decided to say goodbye to life in the kitchens. He enrolled at the "Miami Ad School" where he took courses in photography and text. As a copywriter, Orvis received awards for his creative concepts at the New York Festivals, Cresta Internationals, Best New 18/1 and Comprix. His knowledge of photography supported him and played no small role. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, he decided to devote himself entirely to photography and left the advertising industry behind. Orvis admits his path to become a professional full-time photographer is like a winding road, but he likes to recall the famous saying, "The road is the destination."

Orvis has returned to capture humanity, with all its beauty, irony, thoughtfulness and happiness, with his photographs. His motto is: "Get me there and I want to get the rest."

His personal work as a photographer