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The following terms apply to every person that accesses and uses the website www.thephotoacademy.com, including the content and services that are offered there. The act of ordering implies the client's total agreement of these terms. We reserve the right to update or revise these conditions at any time and without forewarning. Please consult these terms regularly after your acceptance. The revised terms will be effective immediately, as soon as they are published on THE PHOTO ACADEMY and, by continuing to use this website, you are in agreement of the modification of these terms. 


1. General

Regular updates can specify, modify, or amend certain content. Those using the website are thus invited to make contact with the administrator, to verify or complete information on the website. The content on these websites are published under the control and responsibility of their respective editor.

2. The website THE PHOTO ACADEMY adheres to French and international legislation concerning copyright and intellectual property. All rights reserved for reproduction of text, logotypes, images, data bases, etc.Conforming to article L. 122-4 French Code of Intellectual Property. All reproduction, all use, all exploitation, total or partial, of any elements mentioned here, is strictly forbidden without the consent of the author.Information and or documents available on this website are subject to modification at any moment and can also be subject to being updated.If you share personal details with us via e-mail, or a contact form, this information will only be used to respond to your question or request. At no time will your personal information be shared with a third party without your explicit permission.The comments left by students at the end of a class, workshop, or photographic trip are subject to being published on the website, printed on paper elements, brochures or flyers marked with the logo THE PHOTO ACADEMY.

3. Online payment is processed through the secure platform Paypal.Online payments are done via LCL/Atos or Paypal, secure platforms.This platform allows payment by credit card or my a personal Paypal account. In each case, your transation is secured and guaranteed.

THE PHOTO ACADEMY does not keep any bank account information on its servers.

4. Enrollment, cancelations, reimbursements
Bad weather
In the case that a class/workshop, where either all or part takes place outside, it is up to the photography teacher to decide if the weather conditions allow for a good session. If the weather forecast indicates conditions too severe for the students or the photographic material for the entirety of the session, the students will be notified by telephone of the cancelation, and will be proposed an equivalent class/workshop for a later date.
Meeting form
Each participant will receive a "Practical Details Document" before the photo class begins (or before the first class in a series of classes) which informs them of the photographer's name, his/her telephone number, and the precise address where the class will meet - all of this will be written in the language in which the photo class is taught. It is essential that each participant receives this document before coming to the class, because the photography instructors and locations can change. If you have not received a Practical Details Document, please contact our offices. No participant will be excused if they are present at a place which is not that of the photo class.

The photography teachers and the administration at THE PHOTO ACADEMY reserve the right to modify the date of a class or to cancel it no later than 10 days before the session. Those enrolled will be informed by e-mail or telephone if a modification occurs and they will be reimbursed or placed in a different class if the session is canceled. In the case of a modified date, if the new date doesn’t suit the client, they will receive a credit with THE PHOTO ACADEMY. In all cases, the payment for the class or workshop is never lost and will always be reimbursed or turned into credit.

Cancelation, modification of enrollment by the client
You can cancel an enrollment and be reimbursed* one month in advance of the session. After this month, cancellations are no long possible, only modifications up to one week before the date of the initial class or workshop is possible. You will be placed in a different class, of equal price. One week before the date of the class, you can no longer cancel, nor modify your reenrollment.

*If the class that replaces the class you wish to cancel costs less, you will be reimbursed the difference, or will benefit from a credit for a next class. If the class that replaces the class you wish to cancel costs more, you will be asked to pay the difference by check or transer.

Course Length
The duration of workshops 1 to 8 is indicative. For the 4 packs, the course may be taken by two students in 9 hours with two students, 12 hours for three students or 14 hours for four students or more. When taking the workshops separately, the courses are generally done in 2.30 hours for two students, 3 hours for three students and 3.30 hours for four students or more. With a very small number of participants, the quality of the course and the time given to each person remains the same but time tends to be reduced in order to keep the chosen dates and avoid cancellations.

5. Gift Card and collect money
A gift card involves having a credit of X amount with THE PHOTO ACADEMY, following the payment of a class or the payment of a class specified by the person offering a gift card which is destined for the recipient of the gift. This "in-store" credit can only be used for a class, a workshop ,or a photo trip. If the gift card amount is less than the price of the class, workshop, or trip, the recipient of the gift card must pay the difference himself or herself. If the gift card amount is superior, then the difference can be reconverted into an "in-store" credit.
Gift cards and Leetchi's Collect Money can in no way be reimbursed, neither by the recipient nor the buyer. However, there is no expiration date for a gift card.

6. Modification of Conditions of Use
THE PHOTO ACADEMY reserves the possibility to modify, at any moment and without warning, the present conditions of use in order to adapt them to the evolution of the site and it’s exploitation.

For all questions relating to the General Conditions of Use of this website, you can write to us via our contact page.

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