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Markus Schnabel


  • Born 1968 (Original „68er“)

  • Educated TV-Journalist (RTL)

  • Succesful TV-Producer (Own production company together with RTL)

  • Quit TV-Business because „too much circus“

  • 2002-2004 traveling the world, especially South-East-Asia

  • 2005 started working as „Medianautiker“ (freelancing photograph, filmmaker,

    webdesigner, entrepreneur)

  • Specialities as photographer: documentary/event photography, people

  • Current photo exhibition at Cranachzentrum, Cologne (05-09/2018)

  • Website:

  • Based in Cologne, Germany

Personnal work as photographer

2019 rating
3268 reviews
Our client's feedback
Was a real eye opener. I would never found out on my own what I learned in just 3 hrs. Very competent and straight forwa... Werner V.
Anna explained in detail and made sure we understood the concept well. We became very confident on the controls and the... Venu S.
Just a quick followup to the photography class I did with Francois yesterday. It was great, tons of fun and very instruc... Mark S.
"I would like to share my satisfaction from the beginners course. Emily was great, very professional, explaining always... Petya P.
"The teacher was competent, with good educational spirit adapted to the various levels of students. I enjoyed the mix of... Michel K.
"I enjoyed the class n°2. A friendly atmosphere and a small group. The surroundings were perfect for taking pictures. Th... Mokka L.
"Three hours with the teacher Fred Chapotat that was both patient and passionate. A great workshop!" Raymond S.
"I followed the workshop for beginners in Brussels, it was great. I learned many new things, I really understood the han... Pierre S.
"Very high quality photography courses. The teacher taught us in four sessions enough information to understand our came... Mustapha A.
"Having programmed a photo safari in the great parks of Tanzania, I bought a hybrid and I realized after a first approac... Garlone M.
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