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Photography course - Architecture

Architecture 3h30


Architecture photography, its history, its styles, its techniques are for you a source of interest? Are you eager to learn about its practice, and to discover the wide range of aesthetic and technical possibilities? In that case, rest assured, this workshop is for you!

This 3.5 h course is intended for people who wish to learn about architectural photography, through its history, great figures and essential techniques, but above all through guided practice.

The curriculum will be developed in four parts, each covering a fundamental aspect of this practice:

First of all, a time of inspiration by discovering the History of Architectural Photography, and the great authors who built it. You will discover the diversity of approaches and aesthetics of this genre.

Before starting shooting, your trainer will establish an exhaustive and explanatory list of the best materials to fully engage in architectural photography, as well as the minimum equipment required to start well in this practice.

Then will come the time of practice, the core of this workshop. Thanks to precise exercises, with very clear objectives, your trainer will teach you the technical methods, and the various composition tricks to make your building's photographs a success.

Finally, your images taken during the workshop will be commented by the trainer in terms of aesthetics and technique. A digital "HDR" and "Stitching" assembly will also be demonstrated.

At the end of this course, you will have a serene approach to this practice, be technically equipped and have the necessary inspiration to develop yourself in the field of architectural photography!


Technical prerequisites for this class: having attended our beginner classes (#1, #2, #3 & #4) or having been initiated to the photographic technique by another means.




Key Details

The exact meeting point will be sent to you by email 8 to 5 days before the class
It is quite possible to follow two classes in the same day or four classes in the same weekend because these classes were designed for this format.
Students under 17 years old are welcome if a grown-up comes along (2 places needed)


This workshop will introduce you to the major genre of architectural photography; to do so, our trainer will provide you with the essentials of the technique, will introduce you to various aesthetic approaches, and will reveal the fascinating history of this genre.

Practical info

  • Level: Intermediate
  • All camera brands are accepted
  • Accepted cameras
    Bridge or Hybrid | Reflex Camera SLR | Film Camera
  • 7 Maximum participants
  • Duration 3h30
  • Workshop in English

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