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You wish to follow a course on a specific topic that our courses and masterclasses don’t cover? Or you wish to follow our standard curriculum, but within the context of a private class that is adapted to your pace? 

Our private lessons cost the same whether you are one, two or three participants, so jump at the chance!

The date and time of the private class will entirely be determined by you (seven days a week) and all photography subjects may be taught, by over 50 photographers who work for THE PHOTO ACADEMY. If you want to attend a class that lasts over 3 hours, tailored to your needs, just book a private class several times (2x3h, 3x3h, etc.).

For some classes requiring special equipment (studio, lighting, model, drone etc ...), a supplement may be requested in relation to the particular course price.

Fill the form below in order to inform us of your three different time slots for the class, proceed to the payment (with the method of your choice) to get in return the confirmation for one of these three dates, as well as your instructor’s contact information.

Private 3h class: 

280 €
Date private lesson
E.g., 24/02/2018
E.g., 13:07
E.g., 24/02/2018
E.g., 13:07
E.g., 24/02/2018
E.g., 13:07
Your equipment
the equipment is specified in the account creation

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