Black and white photography isn't just about images devoid of color! It requires changing how you think about the scene and what is important in the shadows and higlights. Learning not only the techniques behind b/w photography but also how to edit your pictures, the history of b/w imagery and details on the great b/w photographers, and much more!

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  • 7 Maximum participants

  • All camera brands are accepted

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    Point-and-shoot   Bridge or Hybrid   Reflex Camera SLR   Film Camera
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  • Workshop in english

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Class No 8: Black and White photography


You like black and white photography and you want to take beautiful monochromatic pictures? Accompanied by a professional photographer, the course will teach you when to use black and white photography and how to get the most out of this approach.


This course will develop your practical skills and historical knowledge on the topic. 


As a technique, it allows you to emphasize contrasts and details in a scene. It is an important tool for a photographer as it can make some elements stand out even more. 

Your teacher will explain the different settings of your camera in order to optimize your b/w photographs and help you develop a unique style. A digital photo can be taken directly in b/w or be converted later using image software. The technique can have a real artistic impact in portraiture, landscapes, or architecture and allows the photographer to develop his own vision.

On a contextual note, black and white has played a fundamental role throughout the history of photography. In this course, you will also analyze the images of some of the biggest names in photography and understand how the black and white photographic style has served them so well: Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, and Sebastião Salgado all worked in black and white.


This course will teach you to:

- Understand light and contrast

- Use the correct exposure for shadows and highlights

- Discover and optimize the black and white setting on your camera


At the end of the workshop, you are invited to share and discuss the pictures taken during your training in order to optimize your learning experience. This review, guided by the teacher, will give each participant a better understanding of their own work, as well as possibly inspire fellow trainees.

The workshop is composed of a theoretical part, practical training and a debriefing

Key Details

- This artistic development class is part of a pack of 4 workshops (14 hours), with workshops No 6, 7 & 8, coming with a discount
- Number of hours for this course - 3.30 hours. Depending on the number of students, the course can be completed in 2.30 hours, 3 hours or 3.30 hours. With a very small number of participants, the quality of the class and the time allocated to each one to ask questions allows the course duration to be reduced in order to keep the chosen dates and avoid cancellations. For more information, see our Terms of use page
- A meeting form with the exact meeting point will be sent to you by email 8 to 5 days before the class
- Students under 17 years old are welcome if a grown-up comes along (2 places needed)

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