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Photo workshop - Lightroom level 2: Starting to retouch images

Lightroom level 2: Starting to retouch images 3h30

The knowledge of retouching software is a necessary tool in photography: thanks to programs like Lightroom, photographers can achieve the full potential of their raw images.

Adobe Lightroom Software manages all the post-production steps of a photograph; from importing and organizing images, through their retouching, to exporting for printing (print, book) or digital presentation (web, slide show).

The raw images that your camera is capable of producing have enormous potential, and to be able to utilise and maximise it, you need to be proficient with retouching software; adjusting exposure, adjusting white balance, tonality, contrast, correcting abnormalities are just some of the many tasks that Lightroom can do, among many other possibilities....

This retouching phase is therefore an essential part of the photographer's work. Imagine a baker not knowing how to bake his bread; his dough may have top quality dough, but if he doesn’t know how to use it his work will always remain unfinished (and inedible)... The same is true for the photographer who cannot retouch; his chain of work is cut off, he cannot perfect and embellish his work.

During this second level of learning, you will be taught:

- The different tools for image processing
- Adequate retouching formulas (practical phase of the workshop)
- The different methods of exporting images from Lightroom

Prerequisites: you must have attended level 1 or be already familiar with the use of the software, import, sorting and selection methods



For this course, you must bring your computer with the software (check before the course that it works well if you have not used it recently). The version you need to use is Adobe Lightroom Classic CC


Key Details

This Lightroom class is suitable for everyone, regardless of photographic knowledge
Our classes are limited to 5 persons, which is our guarantee for a personalized teaching. Our teachers' main concern is to adapt to the average level of the class


During this second level of our Lightroom training, our teacher will guide you through your first steps in the art of photographic retouching; he will reveal the different processing tools available within the software, and will introduce you to their use during practical exercises.

Practical info

  • Level: Intermediate
  • All camera brands are accepted
  • Accepted cameras
    Laptop computer
  • 5 Maximum participants
  • Duration 3h30
  • Workshop in English

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