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Do you want to master your Sony?

This page is especially for Sony camera users. These compact and lightweight cameras are right at the top in terms of imaging technology. It would be a shame to own such a sophisticated tool and not know how to use it to its full potential. That's why we have a whole series of courses that Sony users will love.

Why take courses?

Whether you've chosen a full-frame Sony, APS-C or 4/3 microphone, we have courses to suit your needs and desires. Our professional teachers will guide you step-by-step to help you get the most out of your camera.
The interfaces of Sony cameras are very complete and allow a lot of possibilities, but sometimes you can get confused by them and having a real guide can be essential when you want to progress and take great photos at any time.
These courses are made for you!

Sony Cameras

The evocation of Sony often brings to mind the first Walkmans (that they invented) or television devices. And that makes sense! For more than seventy years, the company has devoted its activity to research in the field of audiovisual technology. Sony has also put this know-how to the service of photographers and videographers. The brand is unquestionably a market leader in hybrid cameras (those compact cameras designed for amateurs and professionals alike, whose lenses can be changed according to the situation). Its major asset? Cutting-edge technology, particularly in terms of sensors (the component that captures the light in the camera). In just a few years, Sony has created a range of cameras that surpasses ALL its competitors in terms of sensor sensitivity, making it possible to obtain remarkable photos in particularly difficult lighting conditions (low light, evenings, dark interiors, candlelight, etc.). This makes it a particularly interesting ally for photo-journalists, as well as videographers. We offer a whole series of courses on how to make videos with your camera, which Sony camera users will particularly love. Sony is a game changer in this field and has offered everyone the opportunity to make amateur films with cinematic quality, just like that! Whether you've opted for the famous Sony A7SII or A7III full-format cameras or their equally powerful Sony A6600 or A77 little brothers, whatever your level, we have training packs to suit your needs and desires.
The world of digital imaging is limitless and our ambition is to help you go as far as you can so that you can give full rein to your creativity. Mastering the image is at your fingertips: with your Sony camera you have the perfect tool and we'll guide you step by step so you can make the most of it. The special features of Sony cameras make them an indispensable ally for ambitious photographers and filmmakers. We'll help you live up to your ambition.
Whether you're passionate about photojournalism, street photography or black and white, we've got the right courses to help you, whatever your level, take the pictures that will make people jealous. The courses are taught by professional photographers of film directors who will be happy to share with you their expertise and all their little tricks that make the difference between a banal image and a work of art with extra soul. What makes this difference sometimes takes several years to be perfectly acquired, whereas a good guide can show you beginning with the very first lesson! Easily learn how to adjust your camera settings so that unforgettable moments leave a lasting impression. It depends on your Sony camera, but most of all on you! You're just one step away from the perfect picture. We can walk beside you and even get you running!
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Was a real eye opener. I would never found out on my own what I learned in just 3 hrs. Very competent and straight forwa... Werner V.
Anna explained in detail and made sure we understood the concept well. We became very confident on the controls and the... Venu S.
Just a quick followup to the photography class I did with Francois yesterday. It was great, tons of fun and very instruc... Mark S.
"I would like to share my satisfaction from the beginners course. Emily was great, very professional, explaining always... Petya P.
"The teacher was competent, with good educational spirit adapted to the various levels of students. I enjoyed the mix of... Michel K.
"I enjoyed the class n°2. A friendly atmosphere and a small group. The surroundings were perfect for taking pictures. Th... Mokka L.
"Three hours with the teacher Fred Chapotat that was both patient and passionate. A great workshop!" Raymond S.
"I followed the workshop for beginners in Brussels, it was great. I learned many new things, I really understood the han... Pierre S.
"Very high quality photography courses. The teacher taught us in four sessions enough information to understand our came... Mustapha A.
"Having programmed a photo safari in the great parks of Tanzania, I bought a hybrid and I realized after a first approac... Garlone M.
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