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Lifting out automatic mode with your NIKON

Have you just purchased a NIKON camera? Whether you have a reflex or a hybrid, whether you’re a fan of digital photography or more focused on film photography, our courses will help you to be fully in control of your camera. We propose also some live remote courses if if you want to learn from home.

Courses especially suited to NIKON users

A group course with photo teachers trained on Nikon cameras ensures that users won’t miss out on the essentials and above all allows them to see in depth all the features and possibilities of Nikon cameras in particular. The professional teacher will help you get out of the infamous automatic mode and fully control your camera to take photos that are both magnificent and personal. Why deprive yourself when it's so simple?

What are the specifics of a NIKON camera?

The interfaces of Nikon cameras are known for combining great ergonomics and efficiency for shooting, but this implies a large amount of buttons on the device. It may be difficult to navigate and sometimes necessary to refer to the user guide, which can often be difficult to decipher. So what could be better than a real live guide to easily teach you the essentials for successful pictures?

About NIKON cameras

NIKON is a well-known camera brand, particularly popular with professionals thanks to its famous Nikon D5 or D6 cameras or the handsome Nikon Df. But avid amateur photographers are also delighted by cameras that are often simpler, lighter and less expensive, like the D750 or the Z7 full-frame hybrid. Beginners will more likely turn to the dedicated range which includes the famous Nikon D3500 and Z50.

Do you already own one of these or another Nikon brand camera? Welcome home! Having a sophisticated camera opens up a lot of possibilities provided that you know how to use it properly.

The Japanese brand is especially recognized for the precision and reliability of its lenses. Whether you like portrait, night or street photography, you have certainly been seduced by the particular sharpness that Nikon lenses offer and that's good because you will be able to find all these practices via our courses and our training packs adapted to all levels and all types of use. You will then be able to use your Nikon camera perfectly. Have you always wondered what this famous button is for or how to make a beautiful background blur on a portrait? Finally, you will have targeted answers to all your questions, because our teachers will take you by the hand and guide you step by step.

Having a Nikon camera means already entering a small family of users and aficionados who like sharing their experiences: you will easily find common uses and identical auxiliary equipment. There are many Nikon forums where you can chat with other users of the brand, both amateurs and professionals. The best way to belong to the community is to start by learning the right vocabulary and understanding how this type of device works.

Lots of self-taught people came to us because they wanted to upgrade and improve the quality of their photos. Certain subtleties or “hidden” functions of Nikon cameras take time to learn and be mastered. This is why the support of a professional photographer can be a substantial time saver which will allow you to increase both your pleasure when shooting and the result of your pictures whether or not you retouch them using software such as Lightroom or Photoshop. Automatic is not a bad word, but a photo is the result of all the choices you make, in addition to your subjectivity.

Why let the camera decide for you when you could set up everything yourself according to your desires and what you want to express? If Nikon cameras are so popular with professionals, it is also because all of these customization functions are optimized. If you want photos with impressive, professional results, sometimes it only takes a few “tips” to set up. First of all, master the camera settings, from the brightness to the depth of field through the shutter management, then the composition or a good control of black and white. We have courses for each of these situations whereprofessional photographers also give you their personal tips that transform your most basic vacation pictures into images that you can think of as Photography with a capital P! So your Nikon will be your ideal travel partner - once you get to know each other, all you have to do is create freely and without any limits!

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Was a real eye opener. I would never found out on my own what I learned in just 3 hrs. Very competent and straight forwa... Werner V.
Anna explained in detail and made sure we understood the concept well. We became very confident on the controls and the... Venu S.
Just a quick followup to the photography class I did with Francois yesterday. It was great, tons of fun and very instruc... Mark S.
"I would like to share my satisfaction from the beginners course. Emily was great, very professional, explaining always... Petya P.
"The teacher was competent, with good educational spirit adapted to the various levels of students. I enjoyed the mix of... Michel K.
"I enjoyed the class n°2. A friendly atmosphere and a small group. The surroundings were perfect for taking pictures. Th... Mokka L.
"Three hours with the teacher Fred Chapotat that was both patient and passionate. A great workshop!" Raymond S.
"I followed the workshop for beginners in Brussels, it was great. I learned many new things, I really understood the han... Pierre S.
"Very high quality photography courses. The teacher taught us in four sessions enough information to understand our came... Mustapha A.
"Having programmed a photo safari in the great parks of Tanzania, I bought a hybrid and I realized after a first approac... Garlone M.
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