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Do you want to master your Leica camera?

You certainly didn't buy a Leica camera by chance. Such a camera promises pictures worthy of its notoriety, but the weight of history can sometimes impress or discourage people. While all cameras can be used to make masterpieces, it's obviously a question of knowing how to use them properly to do so.

Why take courses?

Our teachers will help you get a grip on your Leica regardless of your starting level, whether you're a beginner or a professional. Whether you're attracted to the special feel of film or prefer the flexibility of digital, there's bound to be a training package that suits you so that you can take your camera out with pride and without fear of being unable to do the job with your Leica. Our professional teachers know the brand inside out and will help you take full advantage of its special features. So don't hesitate, browse through our site and choose the courses you need to enter the legend!

Leica cameras

Leica cameras are rightly considered the emperors of photography.
The German brand was founded in 1849, only 10 years after the first photographic processes were marketed! The brand is known for the exceptional quality of its optics, to which it devoted itself during its early years. Leica is the inventor of the compact and lightweight camera with a film system that makes it easy to use and immediately makes it the most popular camera of the first photojournalists who traveled the world to bring back extraordinary pictures. The legend was born. The greatest names in photography are associated with the brand: Henri-Cartier Bresson, William Eggleston and Nan Goldin are users whose work Leica has accompanied or continues to accompany. Some of the most famous photos, including the Soviet flag planted on the Reichtag, the portrait of Che Guevara or the girl with the flower (in front of tanks) were taken with a Leica camera.
And now it's your turn! Whether you have a film or digital camera like the Leica M, Leica SL or Leica Q, our teachers will accompany you step by step to combine the exceptional with the pleasant and make photos worthy of the biggest names in photography!
The main assets of the Leica are size (and yes, size counts, especially when it's small!), robustness (a German company), reliability and above all, the quality of the optics, which are well known to surpass those of all its competitors! Moreover, they are extremely discreet cameras (formerly the only ones allowed in lawsuits) which makes them the ideal ally of photojournalists and that you will take everywhere for your street photo sessions. Our photojournalism, street photography and humanist photography courses are made for that! Naturally, we give photo courses dedicated to users of film photography, but we also offer courses to develop and print your own photos!
Did you know that Leica has designed digital cameras that only take black & white photos? They are based on a special technology that allows high sensitivity and exceptional light rendering. Do you like black & white? That’s good because we have specialised courses that will help you master the subtle and delicate art of the language of light with your Leica.
Just a few courses are enough to completely master the settings of your Leica, from focusing to shutterspeed management or depth of field. Our trainers and professional photographers will share their hands-on experience with you in terms of settings, composition, techniques and tips so that, with your camera in hand, you can give free rein to your creativity and, above all, achieve striking, beautiful and memorable photos that the Leica user community will envy!
Owning a Leica means also being part of a big family. Talking with your peers is all about mastering the basics of the language and you'll have a lot to discuss when it comes to bokeh, diaf or the rule of thirds!
Take a look at our site now, there is bound to be a course for you and your new companion in your city or country!
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Was a real eye opener. I would never found out on my own what I learned in just 3 hrs. Very competent and straight forwa... Werner V.
Anna explained in detail and made sure we understood the concept well. We became very confident on the controls and the... Venu S.
Just a quick followup to the photography class I did with Francois yesterday. It was great, tons of fun and very instruc... Mark S.
"I would like to share my satisfaction from the beginners course. Emily was great, very professional, explaining always... Petya P.
"The teacher was competent, with good educational spirit adapted to the various levels of students. I enjoyed the mix of... Michel K.
"I enjoyed the class n°2. A friendly atmosphere and a small group. The surroundings were perfect for taking pictures. Th... Mokka L.
"Three hours with the teacher Fred Chapotat that was both patient and passionate. A great workshop!" Raymond S.
"I followed the workshop for beginners in Brussels, it was great. I learned many new things, I really understood the han... Pierre S.
"Very high quality photography courses. The teacher taught us in four sessions enough information to understand our came... Mustapha A.
"Having programmed a photo safari in the great parks of Tanzania, I bought a hybrid and I realized after a first approac... Garlone M.
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