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Do you want to master your Fuji?

Do you own a Fujifilm camera and would like to learn how to use it? You've come to the right place. Whether it's a hybrid camera or an expert compact, we'll be able to make your dream come true with courses for all levels. Fujifilm's range of cameras offers enormous possibilities and it would be a shame to miss out on all the features that are available to you.

Learn Fuji cameras

Fujifilm is historically one of the pioneers in photographic chemistry and the inventor of the famous disposable camera. Even though its arrival on the digital photography market is ultimately late compared to other brands, it has established itself as a serious competitor and offers a solid value. The great characteristic of Fuji is the extreme sensitivity of its sensors (a technology that results in good quality photos, well exposed and with a realistic color rendering even in particularly difficult shooting conditions). Even if the brand does not offer SLR cameras (generally popular with professional users), it has managed to make its mark thanks to great reliability, great ergonomics, a retro design and those famous ultra-sensitive sensors. So, whether you own a hybrid like the X-T3 or X-T30 or an expert compact like the X100V or the XF10, you already have a very good camera and we can help you take full advantage of it.

Have you already gone through the user manual without feeling you’ve mastered the camera? That's because nothing beats a photo course where someone will show you all the features and answer all your questions. It would be a shame to miss out on the settings that allow you to take beautiful photos. Discover our photographers and our live remote courses.

Why learn how to Fuji cameras ?

Fuji cameras are particularly compact, fit easily into a bag or large pocket and make the perfect travel companion. It's frustrating when you're in front of a beautiful landscape, unable to capture the intensity of it and settle for the flat photos that the automatic mode sometimes offers. Of course, the same can be said for street photography. That's why we also have courses dedicated to these practices where teachers will give you all the tips to get striking photos, whatever the circumstances. Have you noticed that when you set your camera to monochrome mode, you can see your photos directly in black and white when you take the picture? Why not take a black & white photography course to get shots worthy of the greatest photographers and photography pioneers?

Once you've taken a tour of the features of your Fuji camera with our teachers, you'll push the limits of what's possible, giving you the opportunity to take successful photos of any subject, but that's not all! With our artistic journey, you will also have the opportunity to find your personal photographic style, the fruit of your experience and your particular use of your Fuji camera body. Whatever questions you may have about your Fuji, we have the answers from "how to make a nice background blur" to "how to adjust the exposure" to "how to control the white balance" and "how to use the white balance". It's just one step from the beginner to the expert and we can help you do it. Soon your Fuji will have no more secrets for you!

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Was a real eye opener. I would never found out on my own what I learned in just 3 hrs. Very competent and straight forwa... Werner V.
Anna explained in detail and made sure we understood the concept well. We became very confident on the controls and the... Venu S.
Just a quick followup to the photography class I did with Francois yesterday. It was great, tons of fun and very instruc... Mark S.
"I would like to share my satisfaction from the beginners course. Emily was great, very professional, explaining always... Petya P.
"The teacher was competent, with good educational spirit adapted to the various levels of students. I enjoyed the mix of... Michel K.
"I enjoyed the class n°2. A friendly atmosphere and a small group. The surroundings were perfect for taking pictures. Th... Mokka L.
"Three hours with the teacher Fred Chapotat that was both patient and passionate. A great workshop!" Raymond S.
"I followed the workshop for beginners in Brussels, it was great. I learned many new things, I really understood the han... Pierre S.
"Very high quality photography courses. The teacher taught us in four sessions enough information to understand our came... Mustapha A.
"Having programmed a photo safari in the great parks of Tanzania, I bought a hybrid and I realized after a first approac... Garlone M.
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