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Your feedback on our classes

"Erwan B : the workshop, Photographically exploring the City of Light, has fully fulfilled my expectations.I am a beginner as I have always utilized compact cameras in automatic mode and the phographer has shown me the main principles of the other modes during the 2 hours workshop. The photographer was patient, flexible in term of scope, interresting in term of experience...
Erwan B.
"I had the chance to follow a composition workshop with Emily Smith on December 15 2012 and it was really impressing. It is so amazing to get information from a professional photographer with so much knowledge about composition and coulour combination. Ms. Smith had an answer to all the questions and the communication flow is absolutely great. I'd really recommend...
Cristian M.
"The lesson was great. Emily really changed the way I look at composition and photography in general. She answered all my questions and was very patient. She was genuinely interested in helping me improve my photography. I would highly recommend the workshop."
Eric R.
"Really good class (mon 16th in paris, with Rachael Woodson) that gave a good introduction to a lot of basic fundamentals in photography, excactly what I needed. The teacher was very educational and explained in a good way that made it easy to understand. It would have been good with an extra hour though, because the time went by so fast. And a bit slower walking/moving,...
Elise S.
"It was more than just a classic workshop - Frédéric shared his passion for photography with me. I made significantly more progress throughout that day than in hours spent photographing by myself, because Frédéric knew how to teach me the little things, tips, or techniques that make the difference. We did many practical exercises in different lighting conditions and...
Patrice D.
"I learnt to do things I wouldn't have thought possible with my camera. Thanks a lot to Maxime on our behalf, it was a much appreciated gift."
Elena W.
"I enjoyed the course very much and I learned much more than what I had expected for such a short course. Warm regards and good luck with this project"
Isabelle D.
"I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable Workshop on Composition in Brussels with Emily Smith. Emily's methodology was spot on. She struck the right balance between theory, practical advice and tips and getting out there and having a go – all offered under a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. It was great to acquire so much knowledge in such a short time and...
Gabrielle V.
"I would like to mention that I enjoyed the step-by-step introduction to the different portrait styles and the following hands-on practice with the tutor. Her great expertise in the field, her enthusiasm as well as her and the model's patience; the information and advice given on different techniques and the immediate feed-back provided were extremely valuable. In...
Gabriele V.
"I have participated recently in four worskshops for beginners with Emily. The course took place in Brussels. It has met all my expectations. It combined a part on theory with photo shooting. Emily is not only an experienced and enthusiastic photographer, but she also enjoys teaching photography. She had a personalised approach to students and took her time to explained...
Izabela T.
“ I took the beginners course of four x 3hr lessons in a group of four students with Emily. The set-up was great – a small group (four students), meeting in the relaxed informal setting of a café for theory and questions, then going out to have adventures with our cameras, finally meeting at the end of each session to review each other’s pictures and get teacher feedback. The...
Mandy P.

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photo class offers photography classes open to students who are interested in short-term or long-term programs. Our classes are offered in France, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, Finland, the US, and Canada.

Thanks to both our introductory and more advanced courses, we aim to share our valuable knowledge with you so that you can improve your skills in both digital and analog photography.

Choose from over 25 of our classes, taught by over 30 professional photographers and experts.

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Shed Mojahid is one of our photographers
Shed Mojahid
Photographer Serge-Olivier Rondeau and his photo class Montréal
Serge-Olivier Rondeau
Photographer in Bruxelles Marie Ozanne
Marie Ozanne
photography master classes in London
Mark O'Sullivan
Marco Brodeur Photographer
Marco Brodeur
photo workshop montreal
François Nadeau
famous photographer Michael McCarthy master class photo
Michael McCarthy
Clement Huylenbroeck is a workshop photographer
Clément Huylenbroeck
Photographer from new york chris taylor
Chris Taylor
Inleiding fotografie workshops
Marlies DeBoeck
Photo class with a photographer
Frédéric Dargelas
Photo class with a photographer
Fabien Scotti
Inleiding fotografie workshops
Richard Buijsman
Photographer Emily Smith master class photo
Emily Smith
famous photographer Maxime Favier master class photo
Maxime Favier
Photo classes in Paris with a professional Photographer
Demarcus Allen
Giancarlo Fortunato gives photo classes in Geneva
Giancarlo Fortunato
Photo classes in Geneva
Marina Cavazza
photo classes in london
Lian Hong
Inleiding fotografie workshops
Laurent Fobe
The French Photographer Mael Lagadec
Maël Lagadec


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The Photo Academy offers photography classes and workshops in Paris, London, Brussels, Geneva, New York or Helsinki. You can enroll online for our photo workshops or classes taught by well-known photographers and high-quality teachers. You can participate in a variety of learning experiences, including half-days, full-days, week-long, or weekends. Our digital reflex camera courses are taught outdoors, in the streets of Paris. You will receive an e-mail announcement containing the necessary information about where to meet your group of 6-7 people maximum.

Discover our photo trips and our photo classes for beginners, in order to become more familiar with your digital reflex camera. Payment in three increments, without extra charge, is available for our non-profit association's prices. Our photo workshops will teach techniques for all camera owners, digital or analog, and our workshops offer you intensive experiences, both technically and personally.
Come discover the photographic arts by practicing in our darkroom courses - learn how to print your own photos. We also have classes for teens, courses on the portrait and studio photography. Improve your technique when working with images in our classes in Photoshop, for beginners and experts. Finally, for the intermediary level photographers, advanced or professional, our master classes are there to cater to all your interests.

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