Unlike its cousin Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom is not very well known, although it's probably the most important software for a photographer to master. This private class will show you how to use important settings such as contrast, colors, and black and white. Through this post-production process, you will have the ability to work on your pictures in order to create your very own photographic style.

Practical Info

  • Level

  • 5 Maximum participants

  • No need for camera for this course

  • Accepted Cameras

    Laptop computer
  • Duration

  • Workshop in english

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All about Lightroom: organize, edit, and publish your photos


As a photographer, you need to edit in a thoughtful and relevant way. Your harddrive will be thankful!

Digital photography demands that photographers work in post-production software(s) to get the most out of their images. Contrast, colors, and/or black & white are compulsory steps that any photographer needs to master. Thanks to this post-production process, you will be able to have better-looking images and to create your own photographic style.

Adobe Lightroom allows you to import pictures from your camera, edit these pictures inside a library, then modify and publish them, whether it be for printing or web purposes.

All these aspects of post-production will be taught during class.

This class will teach you:

- How to import your pictures

- How to organize, edit, number and archive your final pictures

- How to correct and upgrade your pictures (colors, contrast, dust suppression, lightness, framing, etc…)

- How to produce a tonally rich black and white photo and how to use automatic filters

- How to get your images ready to print and to export to the web

Key Details

- Possibility of lending a computer on request. Please advise us in your order comments
- This Lightroom class is suitable for everyone, regardless of photographic knowledge
- Our classes are limited to 5 persons, which is our guarantee for a personalized teaching. Our teachers' main concern is to adapt to the average level of the class

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